Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Tomorrow, tomorrow I'll start the day tomorrow with

a smile for you...

The hurricane hasn't arrived yet, but my bathroom has sprung a leak! Tomorrow will be loads of fun. I'm praying that we only get an inch or two more than we got today. The creek across the road seems a little menacing tonight, for some reason.

The IT service at school somehow deleted me from the student roster. I can only get into the student web page as a guest. The online course manager, a program called Blackboard, says that I'm not registered for any classes. My email and phone number are no longer in the online directory. One of my instructors is running her class almost entirely on Blackboard, and since it is a statistics class, I can't afford to miss any tidbit of info she chooses to give us. I would be tearing my hair out, but I like my new 'do too much to hurt it.

Ah, my kids are sweet, my husband loves me, my homework isn't done...I'll leave this for another day.