Saturday, September 03, 2005

Where is the knittin'?

Good question. I usually knit at least a little every day, but I haven't picked up sticks since Tuesday, I think. I'm going to start having dt's unless I get the rest of my life in order. I have to make the other two (out of three) art smocks I have promised people. I made up the pattern myself. I used the armhole markings from an appropriately sized girls' dress pattern as a guide. It has long bishop-style sleeves and a velcro closure at the neck. I made it out of a medium weight denim. I am a genius! I'll post pictures later. I intend to have those done today.

I am taking a class in statistical analysis for Political Science. I was afraid, because I am mathematically challenged, that this class was going to ruin my GPA, but it seems to be more about learning how to use SPSS 12.0 than anything else. WHEW! I am detail oriented. I balance the checkbook and do the taxes, but I am hopeless when you ask me to solve a math problem.

The leak stopped. Not too much damage. Hope the repairs don't take too long. Looks like we may be showering at the gym!