Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Busy, Busy, Busy

In-laws were here last weekend. It was a lovely visit. Saw a finger lake and the Curtiss airplane museum and then Corning Museum of Glass. Had a great time. Rented a minivan while they were here. Really want a Dodge Grand Caravan!

School is out of control. I was nominated for the peer judicial review board, but I just can't commit any more time. I'm going to have to back out.

On the sticks and string: I have two projects on the needles: blue baby kimono and shocking green Hallowig. I got the ribbon for both pink and blue kimonos over the weekend. I still haven't finished the ballerina doll or the Fraggle hat.

The leaves are beautiful today. It's a cloudy day, but all the colors make things look festive. The cool weather gave me the chance to wear my coat and Moebius scarf. I need to go over to the LYS, I've decided that I need a hat. Here comes project number 3!