Friday, September 08, 2006

Where did summer go?

Okay, surgery in May, daughter went to camp for six weeks, lavished attention on other daughter for six weeks, accompanied husband to Toronto on business (it was great!), one week in Virginia, and whammo! the summer is over. I feel like I got smacked by a Mack truck. Twice.

I finished a poncho for my mom. Twice. The kicker is that I really like it, but it has to be torn out and redone. It's not right and it can't exist in its' current state. I started and ripped out two magic loop socks on one needle. I finished a Harry Potter scarf for the teenager. I have a shrug for MIL half done. And now I have a sock monkey on my needles, testing the pattern for my friend.

I am desperately trying to talk myself into and out of sock wars in the waning hours of the deadline day. What shall I do? Can I juggle school and sock wars? I think I can, since I'm certain I will be killed early. But does it make sense to get involved with so many other things going on? Major internal conflict, here!

I shall post this and see if the KH ring has abandoned me completely. Maybe they'll let me back if I promise to follow the rules this time.